Payment Methods


We accept all Major Credit Cards, PayPal, Certified Cheques, E-transfer, Debit Cards, and Cash. 


Your billing information must be exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. If any numbers are different, the order cannot be processed. Be sure to correctly spell city/province/territory names and avoid using abbreviations unless that is how your information appears on your statement. Contact your financial institution if you need the exact billing address associated with your credit card.


Credit Card Security 

For Credit Card payments, please contact Glam Group Canada directly to secure the payment.

Please note that there’s 3.5% transaction fee for the use of credit cards on Academy.

Certified Cheques 

For Certified Cheques, we will process the transaction once we have received and deposited the amount successfully. 


Please address it to: 

Glam Group Canada Inc.

Mail it to: 

Glam Group Canada Inc. 

Unit C – 1161 Fife St. 

Winnipeg, MB   R2X 2N3


PayPal is an alternate method for payment. It enables you to use an email address to securely send payments online. You can address the payment to


Another quick and easy method of online payment. You can address the payment to


ALL payment methods.